1. Tenerife Host – Local Business SEO

The client, Tenerife Host is a tourism provider selling almost every type of holiday activity in Tenerife.

After running an extensive Adwords campaign with little return the client reached out to me for help in obtaining more targeted traffic. So we met for a coffee and discussed the best way to move forward.

First, we converted the site into WordPress from Wix for greater flexibility in SEO and design. We then started to fix On-site Optimization to make the site easy to read for Google and to ensure that all the relevant keywords were placed.

The second stage was to conduct Off-site SEO which is the backlinking. This lets Google understand that a website is popular. I conducted a link-building campaign over 12 months to increase the trust factor of the website for Google. This was done with a portfolio of real websites about Tenerife which I built for the client for linking.

Since this time we have increase traffic four fold and the owner now has internet sales as his primary marketing funnel. Traffic stands at 1500 monthly searches in peak season. We have also built out multiple websites for sub niches to increase market the share and further diversify away from the brick and mortar store.

We can now proudly say that Tenerife Host is one of the leading companies for tours & excursions in Tenerife.

We targeted keywords such as ‘tours tenerife, ‘trips tenerife’. In the initial stages, I targeted more specific keywords such as ‘private tours’, to get quicker results before moving on to the larger terms.

The result has been a 400% increase in traffic. As of June 2017, we have upwards of 400 targeted searches weekly.

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2. Maennerapotheke – White Label Agency E-commerce SEO

This project is for an agency partner of mine based in Salzburg, Austria who uses my link-building service to rank many of his clients. The client in this case was a supplier of various herbal medicines and supplements. The webshop offers a range of health products including vitamins, natural Viagra and back pain medicine.

This is a highly competitive niche, with many established competitors online. Nonetheless there is the potential to make large volume of sales in this industry.

First, we made sure there was enough content and relevant topic pages on the site. It helps greatly to have thematically relevant pages linking to the product pages. Afterwards, it was a case of giving enough trust and power to the site with advanced Off-site Optimization. How did I achieve this? Well I was able to leverage a portfolio of sites related to the topic.

At month 10 of the campaign, monthly traffic is above 1000 searches, with mostly buyer keywords

l arginin potenz – no 1 position ( Google.de ) – 1000 monthly searches

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